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Fans of smash his head on difficult puzzles are well known and loved games category Chamber of Secrets. These puzzles have earned a well-deserved appreciation of the players intellectuals . The plot in these games is almost the same : you locked up in a strange room : castle , apartment , hotel, shed his prison cell , etc., and in order to get out, you need to find the keys to the doors usual code or the code lock , or other method. We'll have to wander around a strange room , looking at everything very carefully to find some clues or items that may be helpful in your situation. Those who suffer from claustrophobia , these games are contraindicated , it is unlikely , bound by fear, you will be able to find a reasonable solution. These games require the player to maximum concentration and attention . you need to explore every inch of space to find at least some clue . Usually the room where the game starts - not too made ​​furniture and they provide a perfect order . At first glance, you can not find anything , but then , suddenly , when you mouse move away any panel , drop off a piece of plaster or budge picture and here it is, the first clue , the first link in the chain of necessary items that will lead to the key. Most likely not happen to open one drawer , safe, cabinet or chest of drawers to get to the goal. The key and the door can be in different rooms. But the satisfaction you experience when you vomit at will. This feeling will be similar to the real feeling of liberation. Perhaps that is why the Chamber of Secrets online games are so popular , and the players who play them, consider themselves superior to all others in intelligence . To find a solution to the problem often have to use lateral thinking , combine items that do not fit in real life. The more pleasant will win, you will be proud to have been able to decipher all the codes to guess all the puzzles that offered you the story . The game can go on for a long time , you'll spend hours wandering from room to room , moving with the arrow keys , but no one is rushing , although there are games where everything still have to find a way for a certain period of time. This makes the game even more attractive and adds to the blood powerful adrenaline rush , especially when it comes to the realization that time is running out , and the goal is very near a stone's throw away, and it all depends on one single solution . Play on our site and run from the secret room , though none of them will become your prison.

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Flash game Chamber of Secrets Online

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